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Hi, I'm Allie.

My fascination with plants began at 8 years old when I realized the beauty of a simple eggplant, and even more, realizing I could grow it myself.

Self-taught, hands-on knowledge soon led to numerous positions at local farms and greenhouses -when eventually, in the midst of the pandemic and dark times, I realized I needed something more: a sanctuary space, a creative center, an outlet to reconnect with myself and others at the root level.


And so, in Jan 2021 and inspired by the magical resilience of moss, I decided to take my greatest leap of faith.


Welcome to my sanctuary.

Welcome to MossLife.

May it soon becomes yours.

-Allie Kraushaar
Founder of Mosslife

“Moss grows in all diff places, the unknown. Even in the darkest of places, you can find a light in Moss. That is the magic, the mystery of it all. That no matter where you are, no matter how dark of a space, you can still grow”

-Allie Kraushaar


To green lives, nurture our minds and connect to our roots. 
From creating plant art to learning the flora foundations -
Mosslife is a space to reconnect, self express
and ultimately, grow.

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